Empowering appropriate antimicrobial use with rapid diagnostics.

Resistance Crisis

Antibiotics are a precious component of the healthcare workers' armamentarium, but they have become a  threatened medical resource. The prevalence of antibiotic resistant infections is growing faster than new antibiotics are being developed. For these reasons, each prescription decision impacts the effectiveness of antibiotics for all patients. APUA's aim is to foster prudent use of antimicrobials by minimizing unnecessary use, targeting therapy to the organism, and reserving broad-spectrum agents for the most urgent needs. This review provides an historical perspective on the antibiotic resistance problem and the unique challenges that it presents to healthcare practitioners, and describes the multifaceted approaches of antimicrobial stewardship that are urgently needed to help preserve these critical resources for generations to come.

Stuart B. Levy, MD 2014


Antimicrobial Misuse and Resistance

Today's global crisis in antimicrobial resistance should never
have come as a big surprise. Read more

The Consequences of Antimicrobial Misuse

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are no
global data on the number of cases or fatalities due to highly
resistant pathogens. Read more

Antimicrobial Stewardship Implementation

In its broader holistic sense, antibiotic stewardship is the careful
and responsible management of antibiotic resources in the
interest of long-term sustainability. Read more

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