Empowering appropriate antimicrobial use with rapid diagnostics.

The Consequences

(CDI) is a consequence of antibiotic use, which is exacerbated by inappropriate and widespread use of broad-spectrum agents. Any steps which can be implemented to effectively target narrow- spectrum antibiotic therapy would have a positive impact on the down-stream incidence of (CDI) as well as a substantial reduction of associated healthcare costs. 

In addition, diagnostics for (CDI) are challenging. In recent times, traditional toxin A/B EIA tests have been identified as sub-optimal in performance and not recommended as single-line tests by various national guidelines.1,2,3,4,5

More recently, molecular-based tests have become commercially available but the latest data suggests these tests are not specific enough to be used as single-line tests.6 There are real concerns that these tests may overdiagnose (CDI), resulting in inappropriate antimicrobial therapy and an increased likelihood of a more severe re-infection.