Empowering appropriate antimicrobial use with rapid diagnostics.

Rapid Testing

Rapid, effective diagnosis and treatment reduces Legionellosis-associated mortality. Making a diagnosis of Legionella allows the practitioner to more accurately define the choice and duration of antimicrobial therapy.4

High rates of initial discordant antimicrobial treatment for Legionnaires’ disease may be overcome by regular urine antigen testing for L. pneumophila in all hospitalized patients.5

Alere BinaxNOW® Legionella urine antigen test provides results in just 15 minutes. Importantly, it provides highly sensitive results from the first few days of disease and its reliability is not affected by prior antibiotic administration.2  The Alere BinaxNOW® Legionella Urinary Antigen Card can be read visually or with the Alere™ Reader.*

Alere BinaxNOW Legionella

The urine antigen test is now the most common method used to make the diagnosis of Legionnaires’ disease.6 Some doctors have recommended the use of the urinary antigen test for all patients with CAP who require hospitalization.3 Its ease of use and rapidity mean that targeted therapy can be initiated immediately following a positive result instead of using empirical broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy.1

*Only available in select markets.