Empowering appropriate antimicrobial use with rapid diagnostics.

Rapid Testing

The rapid and accurate detection of RSV facilitates appropriate clinical management, including judicious antibiotic usage.1

Alere i RSV

Alere™ i RSV delivers molecular RSV results in 13 minutes or less on our unique Alere™ i platform. Traditional laboratory methods and rapid antigen testing for RSV diagnosis have considerable shortcomings in terms of turnaround time or performance.1,2 Alere™ i RSV allows you to make real-time clinical decisions which impact patient care.

A specific diagnosis allows clinicians to avoid subjecting their patients to unnecessary tests and enables prompt initiation of appropriate supportive care.1,3


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Alere also offers a range of lateral flow tests to aid in the rapid diagnosis of RSV, including Alere BinaxNOW® RSV.