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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Antimicrobial Stewardship: Managing Antibiotic Resistance

Supported by Alere

Developed by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and the University of Dundee, this landmark course is the first free, global online course available to all learners across the globe.

Antimicrobial Stewardship (MOOC)

Designed for healthcare professionals, this six-week course will inform you about - and empower you to provide - safe, high-quality antibiotic use. You’ll interact with colleagues globally, to understand what antibiotic resistance means - and why the World Economic Forum has placed it alongside terrorism and climate change on its global risk register.

This course will help you understand what antimicrobial stewardship is and how you can apply it every day. Although the focus is for prescribing in the hospital setting, the skill set can be applied and adapted to other healthcare settings. The intention of the course is to stimulate and encourage further inquiry and learning in this important area.


  • Almost 30,000 registered learners worldwide since its launch less than 12 months ago
  • 54% said the course exceeded their expectations in learning about the subject
  • 81% identified one or more things they will implement in their practice as a result of this course
  • Now available in Mandarin
  • Ahora disponible en español

Reviews of the course so far

“Thanks for developing the resource…. had an opportunity to discuss the learning from week two on the ward yesterday. Our patient was placed on three broad spectrum antibiotics for cellulitis and hematoma of the leg by the surgical team. This went against everything I've learned in the course. So we alerted the team, reviewed the patient, and switched them to monotherapy through flucloxacillin.”

“It’s a very interesting course, very well planned, and it’s going to be of much use since in my hospital we are trying to introduce or make a stewardship program I hope this will help me.”

“This is a very well designed course. Though we run a stewardship programme in the hospital the course has taught me how to design and plan interventions to achieve the desired goals.”

“Thank you very much Prof Nathwani and the entire team for the efforts you have put into formulating this wonderful course. All of you have done an excellent work in bringing together such broad information into a neat package of six weeks. Before entering the course, I had an ambiguous idea regarding antimicrobial stewardship, now I have learned a lot regarding the modes and highlights of this important intervention aimed to prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Many of the topics like DDD have been new to me and I have understood the need and ways of proper measurement and dissemination of data to others. In my experience, I have seen that behavioural change among healthcare practitioners is an important challenge and as it is, most of the time a personnel factor, making some one change his behaviour is a big challenge. If more importance is given to AMS program perhaps it will be a matter of time when programs such as this become mandatory for accreditations, then we may see changes.”

“I have learned a lot from this course and my hospital the JR part of the University hospitals at Oxford has been intrigued by my feedback and suggested ideas. I have already recommended the course to my friends who are looking forward to start your next one. It has been a great learning curve and opportunity to advance my knowledge.”

“Thank you all for making this online course so enjoyable. I was expecting a lot more theoretical but I enjoyed the more real-life examples and challenges that make you reflect back on your own environment and practices. I’ll definitely suggest some of the ideas of easy-to-reach targets to our AMS team and see whether it is worth implementing some of them into our practice.”

“Thank you Prof for heading up this informative course and for the other teachers involved and of course to the University of Dundee. I have really enjoyed being able to work at my own pace. There are a few of us at my place of work who have participated and I plan to challenge us as a group to look at interventions to improve our AMS. I really appreciated the different formats of the course and different ways of getting involved. I will certainly encourage others to participate in the course when it is re-run in 2016.”

“Thank you for creating a very inspiring course which I personally feel has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for this subject and challenged me to consider alternative strategies.”

Alere is delighted to be able to support BSAC and the University of Dundee’s course, which is a vital initiative in the successful implementation of Antimicrobial Stewardship. Alere is committed to driving education and awareness of how healthcare professionals can make targeted treatment decisions sooner with rapid diagnostics, thereby reducing inappropriate antimicrobial use and the spread of resistance.