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Research highlights the need for prudent use of Antibiotics to reduce Adverse Events

A new study published by researchers from John Hopkins University School of Medicine underscores the importance of prudent antibiotic prescribing to reduce the harm that can result from antibiotic-associated adverse drug events (ADEs).

Research highlights the need for prudent use of Antibiotics to reduce Adverse Events

In this cohort study, the medical records of 1488 adult inpatients were examined for 30 days after antibiotic initiation for the development of antibiotic-associated ADEs.

Twenty percent of patients experienced at least one antibiotic-associated ADE. It was also noted that 20% of antibiotic regimens which had no clinical basis or diagnostic evidence for prescribing were associated with an ADE, including 7 cases of C. difficile infection.

Furthermore, it was noted that every additional 10 days of antibiotic therapy increased risk of an ADE by 3%. The most common ADEs were gastrointestinal, renal, and hematologic abnormalities, accounting for 78 (42%), 45 (24%), and 28 (15%) 30-day ADEs, respectively.

These findings again underpin the basis of the Test Target Treat - utilising diagnostics to guide appropriate treatment to reduce healthcare associated infections, adverse drug events and the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Read the full paper here:

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