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Review on Antimicrobial Resistance recognises rapid diagnostics as integral to the AMR Global Strategy

In July 2014, the UK Government commissioned the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust.

Review on Antimicrobial Resistance recognises rapid diagnostics as integral to the AMR Global Strategy

The Review is independent and engages widely with international stakeholders to understand and propose solutions to the problem of antimicrobial resistance, from an economic and social perspective.

The Review on AMR has already produced thematic papers looking at all aspects of the problems raised by drug resistance – including the supply of new drugs, the use of diagnostics, surveillance, infection control, alternative treatments and the use of antibiotics in agriculture. These themes form the basis of the final report.

The final AMR Review report reinforces the AMR Review paper published in October 2015 which recognises that the use of existing rapid diagnostics and the development of new rapid diagnostics are critical components of the global strategy to combat AMR.

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Avi Pelossof, Global President of Infectious Diseases, Alere Inc  said:

Alere is delighted that rapid diagnostics have been recognised as an integral part of the overall AMR global strategy - highlighting the need for medical professionals to make better use of existing evidence-based and cost-effective technologies, such as CRP point of care tests, enabling all countries (regardless of their income) to have improved access to diagnostics and stimulating the development of new and innovative alternatives.”

Previously, in October 2015, The AMR Review published a paper Rapid Diagnostics: Stopping the Unnecessary Use of Antibiotics [pdf 1.2MB]. This paper examined the extent of unnecessary use of antibiotics and how the world can combat this with rapid diagnostics. They proposed three interventions to encourage innovation and uptake of diagnostics for bacterial infections:  

  • Diagnostic Market Stimulus pots to provide payments for successful products that are purchased
  • Access for diagnostic developers to bid for funds from a Global Innovation Fund
  • Support to build the economic evidence for rapid diagnostics

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